Steampunk Desert Eagle $8,563.00

Steampunk Desert Eagle

Magnum Research has teamed up with Dark Alliance and Koted Arms to launch the ultimate incarnation of custom Desert Eagle craftsmanship – the Steampunk Desert Eagle. Only 20 of this custom pistol will be produced, each one unique. The Steampunk Desert Eagle is a unique heirloom engraved with intricate gears and machinery that reflects the steampunk theme.

From foil to frame to handle, artists at Dark Alliance and Koted Arms used the Desert Eagle as a canvas to carve out their vision for a steampunk universe. Each weapon has been carefully selected and painted in Cerakote copper and black finishes to reflect antique features and a 19th century dystopian feel. The firearms are hand-glued during the manufacturing process, so no two guns are exactly the same.

This makes the Steampunk Desert Eagle a unique and valuable heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come. For the first time, these custom Desert Eagles will be sold directly to customers through the Magnum Research custom website. When they come online, they’re going to be very, very fast. Get ready to act fast so you can own one of 20 steampunk Desert Eagle pistols!

Each weapon is chambered in .50AE and features an integrated muzzle brake with upper and lower optic/accessory rails. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity proving each weapon is one of only 20 ever produced. The steampunk Desert Eagle is built to shoot – but that’s up to the buyer. Maybe it’s too pretty to be included!

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