Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 12-Gauge Shotgun $1,449.00

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 12-Gauge Shotgun

Created with input from multiple medal-winning shooters, the Beretta® 1301 Comp Pro Semi-Auto Shotgun has become one of the most sought-after competitive-shooting platforms. Improvements include a redesigned stock for comfort, stability, and easy swinging; ultra-fast, safe loading system; and oversized cocking handle and bolt-release lever.

The polymeric receiver with Kick-Off Plus system effectively mitigates first recoil peak, reducing perceived recoil by up to 40%. A third elastomer dampener, located in the stock bolt reduces second recoil peak, muzzle jump and any vibrations caused by the movement of the slide. B-Steady System ensures cheek remains still and rests perfectly against the comb without losing the line of fire.

Beretta 1301 Competition Pro 12 ga J131C11PRO J131C11PRO-MTE-12-BR Long gun - Arnzen Arms

Rubber comfort grip improves sensitivity and pistol hold in all conditions. Adjust the drop and cast using the provided spacers. MicroCore recoil plate ensures perfect shouldering and maximum stability. Adjust stock length using the 2 included spacers. The blue anodized Ergal receiver combines lightness with extreme robustness and reliability.

Inside, the ultra-tested gas system with rotating head B-Link closure system produces 36%-faster cycling speed than any other semi-automatic – proven reliable and accurate round after round, even with light loads. The 1301 Comp Pro has a 3″ chamber but uses an oversized 3.5″ Pro Lifter which facilitates cartridge loading.

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To make quick loading and the quad-load even easier, the loading gate has been enlarged and the lifter stays raised. OptimaBore HP barrels guarantee excellent ballistic performance with lead, steel, and high-performance steel. Beretta Steelium uses exclusive tri-alloy steel, featuring deep drilling, cold hammer forging, vacuum distension and elongated 80mm double forcing cone. Beretta 1301

Stepped rib has a fiber-optic sight and mid-bead sight for optimum target acquisition. Threaded holes on stock allow Picatinny rail attachment. Beretta 1301 Comp Pro shotgun includes 3 interchangeable OptimaChoke HP Black Edition choke tubes.

Beretta 1301

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 24" FAC Shotgun | Countryman Of Derby

  • Redesigned stock for comfort, stability, and easy swinging
  • Ultra-fast, safe loading system
  • Oversized cocking handle and bolt-release lever
  • Kick-Off Plus system reduces recoil
  • B-Steady System
  • Rubber comfort grip
  • MicroCore recoil plate
  • Super-fast cycling speed
  • OptimaBore HP barrels
  • OptimaChoke HP Black Edition choke tubes
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